Max Level Witch c93

Chapter 93: Farufa’s Anomaly

The plateau home finally quietened down after the cookie trend died down.

I woke up due to the morning sun streaming in through the window.

“Oh, yeah. Today is my duty. I have to prepare breakfast.” (Azusa)

I was about to leave the room.

—don don don don don don don don! (banging noises)

The door was knocked with great force.

What on earth is that?

“It is terrible! It’s a disaster! Momma! Momma!” (Sharusha)

This was Sharusha’s voice. However, it was unlike the normal Sharusha as it was loud and filled with emotion. But now is not the time to be impressed. Something abnormal has happened!

“What’s up, Sharusha!” (Azusa)

When I opened the door, she was crying.

Maybe a sister quarrel? I do not have an impression of her arguing with Farufa.

“U-U-U-U!” (Sharusha)(sobbing noises)

As it is, she hugged me. I still do not understand the situation at all.

“Sharusha, calm down. Mom can’t really understand what has happened.” (Azusa)

“My sister has … … my sister has …” (Sharusha)

“What happened to Farufa?” (Azusa)

Sharsha was still upset, but she nodded her head.

If that’s the case, I cannot afford to relax.

I immediately left the room.

“Farufa, what is going on?” (Azusa)

— And there was something unusual in the corridor.

A big blue slime was bouncing.

“Why is there a slime in the house. It has to be defeated at once.” (Azusa)

Sharusha ran forward from behind.

“Mother, no! No!” (Sharusha)

“What? Are you studying that slime?” (Azusa)

“No … … that is my sister”


……………………. (awkward silence)

“Sorry, I didn’t get what you said.” (Azusa)

“When my sister got up in the morning, she became a slime …” (Sharusha)

No way. This is just an ordinary-looking slime.

Pyon pyon (bouncing noises), the slime approached here.

And it came close to me.

I don’t actually know, but i don’t think it is trying to attack, but it’s probably something like that.

“Hey, are you really Farufa?” (Azusa)

Pyon, Pyon. (Sharusha)(bouncing noises)

The big slime bounced.

I don’t know how to judge whether it was a positive intention, but it felt positive to me.

“Wh-what should I do …” (Azusa)

For now, I will pat it. In response to that, it swayes side to side this time. Is it happy? It doesn’t try to escape.

“If you’re happy to be stroked, then you are most probably Farufa …” (Azusa)

I do not know as this has not happened before.

“When I got up in the morning, my sister was in the form of a slime …. Because the window was not open, there is no possibility that a slime has invaded from the outside. Since the slime can not open the door, it can not enter from the entrance. In other words, this slime can only be elder sister … ” (Sharusha)

It is most mysterious. But if it were in the room from morning, the possibility is high.

“Sharusha, you are quite familiar with slimes right? I’m not saying this because you’re a slime spirit, but rather wrote a whole thesis paper about it.” (Azusa)

Yes, Sharusha is a talented genius who has a serious researcher side to her.

“Don’t you know the cause or the solution? It’s not something I can handle…” (Azusa)

“Sharusha does anthropology, and biology is not my subject ……” (Sharusha)

Is it different? Perhaps there is a large difference between humanities and sciences.

“It’s a family emergency, first of all let’s gather everyone.” (Azusa)

As such, the family convened. Before it was explained, it would be difficult if someone met and defeated slime-Farufa, so I took Farufa into the room and explained in front of the room.

After that was over, we moved to the dining room.

Slime-Farufa is also included. It cannot talk, but apparently something like ego remains.

“I would like to start a meeting on how save Farufa for now …. In fact, if you know the solution, please raise your hand.” (Azusa)

Perhaps the possibility that the problem was unexpectedly simple is not zero. For example, if the home page is suddenly maximized and you can not close it at all, you just have to press the F11 key.

It won’t be a problem if you knew what the solution is, but it would be impossible if you didn’t.

No one raised their hands.

“Oh, then I’m looking for a sugeestion where someone wants to try something.” (Azusa)

“Pick me, nee-san!” (Rosary)

Ghost Rosary raised her hand.

“We should pray desperately in this kind of situation! It is said that believers will be saved!” (Rosary)

It feels surreal when a ghost says that….

However, this is a world where magic and ghosts exist normally. It is important to noy laugh off on the possibility that prayer has an effect.

“Okay. Rosary you can pray in an open room.” (Azusa)

“Yes! I will do my best to pray for your daughter!” (Rosary)

Although Rosary was doing her best, I wanted more ideas. If possible, something more specific.

“Azusa-sama, is it possible with magic?” (Leica)

“I think I cannot create unique magic on my own …. If it’s about the demons, let’s ask Beelzebub?” (Azusa)

I cast a certain spell.

“Vosano sannon di Shidaou-Veiani-Enrila!” (Azusa)(some kind of incorrigible chanting, left it as is from machine raw)

This is the magic that summons Beelzebub. Because it is a pinch, I used it without hesitation.

Ba~shan! (splashing noise)

A sound came from the bathroom.

Beelzebub has arrived.

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