Max Level Witch c92

Chapter 92: Cookies are Too Popular

“Fuaah … I slept well.” (Azusa) [Fuaah=yawn]

I had a pleasant sleep the night before. However, both of them did not.

“Ferratorute could not sleep well ……” (Ferratorute)

“Me too … ….” (Leica)

Neither of them seemed to be able to fall asleep.

“Maybe it is because the bed was narrow … if so, sorry.” (Azusa)

“No …… thinking about sharing the same bed as Master, I couldn’t calm down … and yet Master smells nice …” (Ferratorute)

“I was so, so happy that I felt sleeping would be a waste of time, so I stayed awake ….” (Leica)

Both of them gave exaggerated reactions.

“If that is okay, we can probably do it once a month.” (Azusa)

Truthfully, Ferratorute joining us made it easier for me to do so.

Up to here, I wanted to draw a clear line as I was of marrigeable age, and Leica is of the same gender.

However, when it comes to three people, there is no problem as it becomes more like a girls’ party.

“Really!? Do you really mean it?” (Ferratorute)

“Ferratorute, that’s an excessive response …” (Azusa)

Her tail was shaking vigorously … ….

“Yes, you need to act a little more, um, ladylike …………” (Leica)

But Leica who said so, her face was also flushed ….

As I thought, the younger sisters look up to the oldest.

“Let’s prepare for tomorrow to go to bed later …” (Leica)

“That’s right … I agree with Leica …” (Ferratorute)

“What’s that for tomorrow?” (Azusa)

I should be the one in charge of food duty today.

“Azusa-sama, the popularity of cookies has gone too high, so we decided to make it every other day for a while.” (Leica)

To go so far!

“Since we are selling it in town tomorrow, it has to prepared today. I am still lack sleep, but Ferratorute will work hard … … Fuaah!” (Ferratorute)

I also felt responsible and decided to help them with selling and making it.

That day, we sold more cookies in town than we did in the village.

Honestly, it was so profitable we could just live off making cookies.

Harukara said “It would be great if we could mass-produce it, then sell it nationwide!” She sounded like a company president.

“That can’t be done, as each cookie must be done with love, or it will not be a nice cookie.” (Leica)

“Only Ferratorute can make these cookies that Ferratorute makes, as the flavour changes if the craftsman is different.” (Ferratorute)

Both of them were talking like pros.

“Master, did these two flip a strange switch? Both of them seem like cookie pros … right?” (Harukara)

“They certainly look like 30 year veterans… …” (Azusa)

In the meantime, the cookies also sold well in various places. Perhaps too well.

In the capital city of Vitamei, a request to open a store has come, gradually people in the state start to associate dragons with cookies.

We came back to Furata village, we continued to sell cookies.

“Master, this is getting out of hand … ….” (Harukara)

Harukara glances at the line that is queued up outside our shop.

“I know, both of them are getting burnt out ….” (Azusa)

Both dragons appeared to be getting a bit tired from the daily labor as well. But the more they made, the more they sold, thus they continued making.

“If they do not stop somewhere, they will collapse … … I do not think that dragons will die from overwork though … ….” (Azusa)

“Yeah …. maybe we should do something …” (Harukara)

However, after a while from the start of sales, something strange happened in the air of the village.

Moreover, the sky that was supposed to be sunny turned dark.

“I’m feeling a chill … ….” (Harukara)

Harukara began to tremble.

I could certainly feel something disturbing.

“Onee-sama, it’s been a while.” (Pecola)

The girl with sheep horns is the demon lord, Pecola.

Beside her was Beelzebub, holding a parasol, sheltering her from the sun.

Additionally, Vania was holding out another parasol, she seemed like a Matroyshka of parasols.

“Ah! Why did you come to such a place!?” (Azusa)

“I heard that those very popular cookies were sold here, so I came to try by riding on the Leviathan.” (Pecola)

Ah! Instead of the sky turning cloudy, it was actually the Leviathan!

“I wish you didn’t travel, as your majesty causes so much trouble when she travels.” (Beelzebub)

“Uh, I hope all will be safe … ….” (Vania)

Beelzebub sighed while Vania tensed up from traveling with the demon lord.

“Hehe, we should line up right? Let’s line up like a commoner for once.” (Pecola)

Pecola behaved and went to the rear of the line.

However, even the villagers seem to be afraid of the demon lord.

“Hey, hey … there is a demon behind me!” “I thought there was something in the air, but it was a huge demon!” “It’s the legendary leviathan!” (Villagers)

The villagers began to be frightened. Some may be acquainted with Beelzebub, but the Leviathan had a huge impact on them.

Then Pecola then smiled at the villagers.

“Good evening, I’m am the demon lord.” (Pecola)

“It’s the end of the world!” “No more!” “Witch of the Plateau, defeat the demon lord!” (Villagers)

People who lined up ran away with a pale face.

In the meantime only ten people remained.

Or rather, there were ten people who didn’t want to run away?

“Oh, now we can buy this sooner.” (Pecola)

She seemed glad at her sudden luck, but I knew her ulterior motives.

“You scared off the villagers so you can come to the front of the line, right? …. That is because you came here using the Leviathan …” (Azusa)

“I do not quite understand what you are saying, onee-sama.” (Pecola)

On the other hand, Ferratorute and Leica were stunned, with less customers.

“We still have stock, so what do we do, Leica …?” (Ferratorute)

“I am troubled…” (Leica)

Although Pecola bought all the stock of the day, it was spread that the cookies were so popular that it even attracts the demon lord.

Although it was annoying that Pecola came, but since it relieved the dragons from their long hours of labor, it was okay.

In the future, they will sell it at a leisurely pace once a month in the village.

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