Max Level Witch c91

Chapter 91: The Results of the Cookie Match

They seemed to have made quite a lot because of their confidence, the cookies continue to be sold all the way until evening.

At last, before nightfall.

The final customer bought the last bag, and the match is over.

“Both sold out at the same time.” (Azusa?)

“There is no point if they are not competing by amount of sales. Since if they were competing by the speed of selling out, the one who made less would stand at an advantage.” (Harukara?)

Both cookies cost 300 gold per bag. It is roughly 300 yen. As the price is same, the one who sold more would also be ahead in terms of sales amount.

“There is no foul play during the sales, as I, Rosary surely have kept watch.” (Rosary)

Since the referee, Rosary said there were no rule violations, we began to count the money.

“I think I am the fastest at accounting, so I will count it.” (Harukara)

Harukara counts the number of copper and silver coins quickly. Her movement speed was considerably fast.

The two contestants held their breath as they looked over the counting process.

“There is no way for me to lose, for the people in Furata village also trust me.” (Leica)

“You are not a professional cookie baker. When it comes to quality, Ferratorute overwhlems yours greatly.” (Ferratorute)

“By the way, are there any benefits of winning?” (Leica)

“Come to think of it, we didn’t decide on one… … let us decide on one now …” (Ferratorute)

Both of them started mumbling about something.

Wouldn’t the most be the loser gets her forehead flicked or something?

By the way, a lot of people in the village gathered near the shop for some reason. It seems that everyone is interested who will win.

Among them, there were even flags that wrote “Good Luck Ferratorute” or “Glory for Leica-chan”. If there was something going on, they would surely turn it into a festival.

“Yes, I have finalised the sales amount. Since the selling price is the same, I will announce the amount of cookies sold.” (Harukara)

Upon Harukara’s words, not only those two but everyone focused their attention on Harukara.

“First, Leica, three hundred bags!” (Harukara)

The villagers also raised their voices saying “Ohhh!” I was also surprised. The population of the village, there definitely should not be three hundred people, right? Even the villagers bought more than one.

Also, the Leica who also prepared 300 is amazing. Well, I guess there was confidence to sell.

“Did I make too much? I wasn’t sure of the amount actually.” (Leica)

Leica admitted the truth. Usually , it would be too much.

“Ferratorute also did not think of an amount, just believing that something good will sell well.” (Ferratorute)

Both of them seem satisfied with the results.

“Moving on, Ferratorute…” (Harukara)

Everyone’s gaze gathered on Harukara.

Both parties seemed unable to relax, as both seemed to be in prayer.

Now, who will win?

Just before answering, Harkara laughed happily.

“The number is…… three hundred. It is a draw.” (Harukara)

It is never ending! It is an interesting development as the crowd became excited and went “Ooh!”.

On the other hand, both of them looked at each other.

“What should we do with this…?” (Leica)

“Literally, it is a draw, it is carried over from before… ….” (Ferratorute)

In a sense, I am glad that my conclusion that they were equal became true.

I broke them up and lifted their arms.

“This match, both are victors! Everyone, please give warm cheers and applause!” (Azusa)

People started to clap in response. There even were people with some sort of wind instrument.

“And this is the new Blue Dragon girl who is joining my household, Ferratorute! Please treat her well!”

The cheers become even louder.

“Welcome!” “Furata village is a great place!” Such words can be heard.

“Ah, Master, was it your plan to do something like this …?” (Ferratorute)

It seems that Ferratorute has finally caught on to my plan.

“Yes, it is a great chance for Ferrtorute to be accepted by the village, don’t you think so?” (Azusa)

I did not plan in such detail, but my relationship with Furata village has been ongoing for more than 300 years. Thus their trust in me is quite strong. Hence, it usually works out even if I prepared haphazardly before. .

Ferratorute was briefly moved to tears.

“I was so worried about my new life … but after all Master is good … … too good!” (Ferratorute)

Ferratorute hugged me as it was. She was a Blue Dragon, so she did so with quite a lot momentum, but as somebody with cheat status I managed to hold on somehow.

“Hey, there is no need to cry!” (Azusa)

“I will follow Master for life!” (Ferratorute)

She was more spoilt than I thought. It may be because she lived with an unreasonable amount of stress on her shoulders.

“You, it is a rule violation! So cunning!” (Leica)

Leica was protesting for some reason. It is true that Ferratorute was feeling uneasy here, so Leica also gives up as the senior.

However, she mentioned something worrying.

“What do you mean by violating rules?” (Azusa)

“The winner gets to embrace Azusa-sama for a full ten minutes.” (Leica)

What, it’s the first time you told me … …. Without my consent … ….

Furthermore, such a long duration.

However, it is the reason why Leica seems to put in such an effort.

That night, the amount of people in my bedroom got a little high. Also, the bed became cramped, but that cannot be helped.

Leica and Ferratorute were lying down both beside me.

“Yes, let’s get along when we sleep, in the form of the word ‘river’.” (TL note: kanji for river = 川 )

“What did you say?” “I do not know either.” (Leica & Ferratorute)

By the way, it was kanji. Moreover, following the kanji, the center should be the smallest child, so it’s rather the opposite. Since both of them give of the impression of a small child.

“When we sleep like this, it is like sisters, with me being the oldest. Ferratorute the second oldest and Leica the youngest, three people, is it okay?” (Leica)

“Okay … …” “I’ll listen to Azusa-sama … ….” (Ferratorute & Leica)

“Well, let’s sleep together today!” (Azusa)

I fell sound asleep with thinking I was doubly blessed.

I had a dream of having tea at a cafe with these sisters.

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