Max Level Witch c90

Chapter 90: Village Cookie Sales Showdown

While I was at a loss, both of their faces were overflowing with confidence. Put simply, it was a triumphant look.

Pressure builds up and it becomes harder to announce the winner … ….

Is it inevitable to trick them?

I stood up on the spot.

“This match, both are delicious so both win!” (Azusa)

Because I can’t decide the victor, I try to escape with all my might! It can’t help it! I’m not joking! This is because the one who loses would be hurt emotionally.

“Azusa-sama, that’s … ….” (Leica)

“Master is so ruthless here …” (Ferratorute)

As expected, both of them are unsatisfied. No no, I can’t afford to be ruthless here.

“It can’t be helped. These sweets are of different concepts, it’s like deciding whether the omelette or the chicken fry, which one is more delicious.” (Azusa)

However, I understand that there is dissatisfaction, so I was thinking about other measures.

“How about selling these cookies in Furata village and then decide from the sales?” (Azusa)

Confronted with my unexpected proposal, both of them looked at me blankly in puzzlement.

“It is hard for me to decide as an individual, but if we follow popular opinion then we can decide on the winner!” (Azusa)

“If thats the case, there should be not musch difference from Master’s opinion.” (Ferratorute)

“I will be overwhelmingly victorious and show the difference in our ability!” (Leica)

Alright, I’m not going to end up as the bad person.

Besides, this is a meaningful activity.

Ever since Ferratorute was added into my family, I wanted the opportunity to introduce her to Furata village.

Selling baked cookies would be appropriate as the first contact.


At noon, I got permission from the village chief to make use of an empty house.

However, since most people in the village don’t shop in the afternoon, it has been decided that the match would be on the next day.

Furthermore, it is necessary to make additional for sale, and it will be appropriate as part of the plan.

By the way the sweet rice cracker cookie was made by Leica. It seems it was originally made at volcano hot springs. Well, it is the same as Japanese rice crackers where it also uses carbonated water.

And then the next day.

The “Witch House Cookie Shop” opened in Furata village.

However, although there is only one store name, but the cookies are sold seperately. Both of them sold their cookies in bags.

“Hey, this cookie is more delicious than the one at that side!” (Ferratorute)

“These cookies are much more delicious than the ones over there, such that it is stupid to compare them!” (Leica)

Can they stop dissing the other party to promote themselves?

I am not be responsible for this, so I just relaxed and watched the situation.

By the way, Rosary the ghost was drifting around acting as the referee to prevent foul play.

“Both are really tasty, *nom nom*.” (Harukara)

Harukara had purchased one bag of each cookie.

Farufa and Sharusha also took cookies from their bag and ate it all at once.

“Farufa is lucky to have more snacks.” (Farufa)

“That’s right, more things can be done from now on.” (Sharusha)

Initially the people were sparse, but the villagers are those that act quickly upon gossip, a crowd began to form.

“Oh, are these homemade cookies from witch-sama’s house?” “Let me buy one by one.” “OK, let me get one of these.” (Villagers)

Both cookies seem to sell well.

Also, I think that there are a lot of male customers in proportion to cookies sold.

“Leica is cuter.” “The new child may be like an elder sister.” “Will you do it?” “Harukara is first place in my targets!” (Male Customers)

I see, is there idol popularity as well? Well, I only live in my house with the girls.

But girls with a similar air were also lined up in rows.

“I hope to be Leica’s little sister.” “That child is too cunning, I’d rather have the new girl.” “Doesn’t a tail make her the cunning one?” “That is a good sign. As an older sister, it is not fine to touch her tail. ” (Female Customers)

Somehow, there are people in this world with different preferences.

Well they both are cute, thus it is not strange for such popularity.

Leica totally looks like a fresh middle schooler.

On the other hand, Ferratorute is just between middle and high school.

From my point of view, they were like two sisters talking to me as the eldest daughter, which is not bad.

“Ah, master, your face was a little scary earlier.” (Harukara)

Harukara pointed out. I might be seen as an extra … ….

“I put on the same face when I calculate the monthly earnings.” (Harukara)

“You do it too?” (Azusa)

“Well, I think the addition of Ferratorute serves as a good stimulation for Leica.” (Harukara)

Harukara said so while watching the two of them selling cookies.

Certainly, due to the match, it seemed that Leica’s expression was more lively than usual.

“You have been observant.” (Azusa)

“Since I thought that if we added medicinal herbs to the snacks it can be sold to those who are more health conscious.” (Harukara)

“For business?!” (Azusa)

However it is good to have a partner who is also a rival. There is an expression of challenging one’s self, but humans are unable to do so easily. It is definitely easier if it were an external enemy.

I tried to compare the two as sisters a while ago, but it not be very far off from reality.

By the way, the reputation of cookies seems to be excellent.

“Because the cookie I bought earlier was delicious, I told my kids to buy it again.” “Although I sampled it, I am definitely buying it!” (Customers)

I knew it was really good when I tried it yesterday.

Harukara just emptied her bag of cookies.

“Well, I join the line to buy one of each again.” (Harukara)

“Harukara nee-san, get two bags please ~” (Farufa)

We consumed a fair amount of the cookies ourselves … ….

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