Max Level Witch c89

Chapter 89: Cookie Showdown

My body was being shaken from side to side.

However, there are two forces that seem to be delicately attempting to tear me apart?

… …?

When I opened my eyes, Farufa and Sharusha were standing of both sides as they shook me who was asleep in the bed.

However, since the way the both of them shake me differently, the force applied compresses and stretches my body, giving of a sense of being torn apart.

*heaving sounds alternatively between Farufa and Sharusha*

Sharusha is always one beat later! Even twins like this have vastly differing personalities, which is shown in such a situation.

“Because it hurts, please stop shaking!” (Azusa)

“Ah, Mama has got up!” (Farufa)

“Good, I’m glad.” (Sharusha)

When Farufa smiled, Sharusha also slightly smiled.

Even so, Sharusha is gradually getting more emotionally expressive. She did not smile readily in the past.

“Mama has been sleeping for a long time and I was worried, thus I came to call you up.” (Sharusha)

“It’s already meal time, it is late for waking up.” (Farufa)

Seriously? Looking at the clock, I was already half an hour late.

“Ah, that’s right … … we just came back from the demon castle …” (Azusa)

There were many ways that induced fatigue to build up in the demon castle. I had a pleasant in a familiar bed.

“Who’s on duty for breakfast today? It sure it’s not me … …” (Azusa)

We take turns to make breakfast at the plateau home. I’m sure it is Leica’s turn today, did she get up properly?

When I headed to the dining table, a lot of cookies were placed there.

Rather, it was piled up.

Moreover, it was stacked separately in two platters.

What is this … …? This quantiity can be sold on a business scale … …. was there some kind of eating contest planned … ….?

“Ah, Azusa-sama, good morning.” (Leica)

Leica also seems somewhat tired, it probably is the effect of the travel.

Honestly, it would be odd if one did not feel tired after a long trip.

“Leica, what are these cookies for? You even made extra cookies for breakfast.” (Azusa)

Except for my throat being thirsty, cookies do not particularly have a demerit. It looks expensive and nutritious.

“Actually, this is … …” (Leica)

Then a new face appeared from behind the Leica.

“Master, Ferratorute made these cookies!” (Ferratorute)

This child is Ferratorute. Unlike Leica, even ‌in human from, she has horns and a tail, making her stand out.

“Surely the tastier cookies are made by Leica!” (Leica)

Ferratorute tried to push Leica out of the way, but Leica stood her ground.

“There is no such thing. My cookie is more delicious, because I know Azusa-sama’s tastes.” (Leica)

“Hmpf , it being said as delicious is just flattery!” (Ferratorute)

“You’re a rude person! Such is a bad point of the Blue Dragon!” (Leica)

Oh, I understood the rough circumstances from this argument.

Come to think of it, they were talking about a sweets showdown on the way back from the Demon country on the Leviathan. I thought it was just an empty challenge, but to think they actually did it.

“Alright. I will decide fairly which is tasty.” (Azusa)

Both of them nodded as they consented. That’s somewhat unexpected, aren’t you two on the same wavelength? It should not be strange as both of them are dragons and agree with each other.

“Well then, I will decide which one is delicious with Harukara, Farufa, Sharusha …” (Azusa)

“That is not good.” “I think so too …”

Both of them denied it. Aren’t you two totally in harmony?

“I made the cookies with the thought of it being delicious only to Master.” (Ferratorute)

“I think so too, so it may end with a draw if it is judged by four people.” (Leica)

Whoever wins, this is a development that will surely leave a grudge … ….

When I got onto the seat, several cookies were arranged in each of the plattes.

In order to keep fairness, the creator of each platte is not mentioned.

“Master surely will choose Ferratorute!” (Ferratorute)

“Considering my long relationship with Azusa, you will not be able to win!” (Leica)

I hope they stop quarrelling as it would hard to concentrate on eating … ….

Anyway, this should be something like a late breakfast. I am fine with it as long as it is delicious.

First, the plate on the right.

“Oh, the flavor of butter is effective, and there is a light texture. It is not bad.” (Azusa)

I ate three pieces in a row, but it has a very high quality.

Because they understand when I am pleased, both of them keep silent with a meek face.

Next is the plate on the left.

“This is made from crushed roasted beans. It has an interesting texture. This is close to a sweet rice cracker dough made with carbonated water back in Japan. ” (Azusa)

“Azusa-sama, which is the winner? I think it is my victory anyway.” (Leica)

Leica stands in front of me.

When you say it like that … This is difficult ….

Both dishes are cookies, but the concepts are different from what I imagined. So it is difficult to decide which is tasty.

“Well, which is it? It is Ferratorute that wins, isn’t it?” (Ferratorute)

Her confidence further proves my premonition.

What should I do……. I want to avoid a development where one of them feels hurt due to the judgement. If there were obvious merits and demerits, I would have pronounced judgement more comfortably … ….

While I was hesitating, both of them had faces that were overflowing with confidence. In other words, a triumphant look.

It will be hard to finally say it … …!

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