Max Level Witch c89.1

Author’s Character Introduction:

-> Azusa

Slightly over 300 years old. Probably the strongest witch in this world. The plateau home is supposed to be quite wide, but as the family has increased considerably, I’ve honestly begun to think that it should be extended again soon.

-> Leica (LN: Laika)

The person who has been acquainted with Azusa for the longest, a girl from the red dragons who has a serious personality. However, I feel a sense of crisis as Ferratorute who is also a dragon has been introduced.

-> Farufa (LN: Falfa)

Elder sister of the Slime spirits. Childish behavior, but has an abundant knowledge of science. Although with the amount of knowledge it is possible for her to talk in a more scholarly or adult tone, possibly for the sake of creating a character I gave her a childish tone.

-> Sharusha (LN: Shalsha)

Younger sister of the Slime spirits. Abundant knowledge of the liberal arts. Not good expressing emotions, Farufa often comes to the rescue.

-> Harukara (LN: Halkara)

An elf who runs a factory. Originally, the most sociable person in the plateau home, but frequently causes trouble due to her personality. Actually, due to the profit that Harukara makes, the furniture of the plateau home is gradually changed to that excellent quality.

-> Beelzebub

Although she is a high-levelled demon, she is easily manipulated by Azusa. Although she complains, she still helps willingly, and is not as dissatisfied as others would believe.

-> Rosary (LN: Rosalie)

A ghost with a delinquent-like language. Although she can possess other people, it problems occur if she does so for too long.

-> Vania

The younger Leviathan sister. Frequently makes mistakes, and is often watched over by her boss, Beelzebub and her older sister. However, looking at demons as a whole, despite her being immature and having a transport role, she holds a significant position,.

-> Fatria

The older Leviathan sister. Often troubled by her younger sister’s blunders. However, despite being harsh when patching things up, she is surprisingly caring of her younger sister.

-> Pecola

Real name is Provat Pecola Aryess. Although she is the demon lord, she likes doing mischief onto others. As she identifies Azusa as her older sister, it is a possibility that she may visit the plateau home in the future.

-> Ferratorute (LN: Flatorte)

A Blue Dragon who troubles Azusa due to Pecola’s tricks. She wants to be fawned over by Azusa. In addition, she was just recently a rival of Leica, and is probably destined to clash due to fate.

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