Max Level Witch c87

Chapter 87: Younger Sister Leviathan is Driving

And thus, our visit to the Demon Castle Vanzerd has ended

We were now on our way home on the Leviathan.note
While relaxing in the dining area, a demon entered.

“I will be your attendant on the return trip.I am Fatria. My sister Vania has inconvenienced you.” (Fatria)

The sisters alternatively take the giant form of Leviathan, serving as a tour bus. Do tour guides also serve as means of transport? This is not a reason to do as such.

“No, I do not mind as Vania seemed to be doing her best.” (Azusa)

“Is this really okay? I personally think that shame is her strong point.” (Fatria)

She was particularly cruel towards her younger sister.
“Well, please feel relieved as I will guide you well. I have prepared drinks, please wait as I bring it now.” (Fatria)

Three minutes later, Fatria brought a cold drink on a tray.

“This is a drink made by dissolving honey in water, it should be just right for a body that is tired from long trips.” (Fatria)

“As expected, such hospitality is decent, is it not?” (Azusa)

If Demon King Pecola had a more decent personality and there is no trouble, it would have been a normal trip. However, this does not seem to be appropriate.

Even so, an accident still occured.

Suddenly the floor starts to shake.

“Earthquake? But we are not on the ground!” (Azusa)

“This is … … it seems that Vania is shaking due to laughter from reminiscing a past event! That idiot!” (Fatria)

Well, if a normal mental state is not maintained, anything on top will also shake ….

Then, the shake intensifies.

“Uwaa, if it continues to shake like this the tray will not be able to stay upright …” (Azusa)

Fatria fell down.

The honey water in the tray spilt onto Fatria.

“I- I am not a klutz…..yet this happened…..” (Fatria)

Fatria fell on her butt and showed teary eyes. For someone who does not often make mistakes, it must have been a shock.

“I have always been praised by Beelzebub-sama that my work is well done … suddenly this … …. Vania will be beaten later !!!” (Fatria)

“Hey, calm down! There’s no problem at all! Ah, does anyone have a towel?” (Azusa)

Harukara brought me a towel and I wiped Fatria.

While wiping her, an announcement was made.

“It was Vania driving. I’m sorry about earlier … …. I remembered a drinking party from last year, and started to remember … …. ” (Vania)

Did you seriously laugh while reminiscing?

“I will never, never forgive you!” (Fatria)

Fatria was totally angry.

Well, problems caused by her sister probably also affect her … ….

Fifteen minutes later, Fatria brought new honey with an apologetic expression.

Fatria seemed to have come out of the bath.

“This is … this is because I became sticky with honey, I took a bath … … here is new honey water ……” (Fatria)

“You have it hard too ….” (Azusa)

“It’s really tough … ….” (Fatria)

The honey water was not too sweet, it had an exquisite taste. When I drink, my body feels as though it is purified.

My two daughters also say “It’s delicious, Sharusha!” “Yeah, it’s delicious, nee-san!” , so it seems to be popular among children.

Harkara had ordered “Second cup please.” for a refill.

“If you commercialize it, I think that it will sell well. As it is made from water and honey, it is easy to prepare. Let me drink a little more and remember the taste.” (Harukara)

“What a shrewd business spirit!” (Azusa)

“In addition, I have inconvenienced everyone, so I should earn some money to make up with everyone …” (Harukara)

Somehow, it seems Harukara is properly reflecting on her actions.

“Harukara-san, there is no need to think like that.” (Leica)

Leica said so while drinking a cup honey water.

“Rather, Azusa-sama would have wanted you to grow by learning from this mistake. So if you want to return the favour, you should serve some elf cuisine at home.” (Leica)

Rosary the ghost was nodding along with those words. That’s how it is. It is the feelings that matter.

“I see, thak you very much …. However, I plan to commercialize honey water.” (Harukara)

What a strong business sense … …. There is no doubt that Harukara has a talent for business.

In a sense, I wanted to live like this and continued to drink the rest of the honey water.

But there was a glass on the table that was untouched.

” Um …… Ferratorute? Why are you not drinking … … Do you hate it …?” (Azusa)

Yes, Ferratorute decided to return to the plateau together, is also present but she has not uttered a single word.

“Perhaps, you intend to protest …?” (Azusa)

I wonder if it is something like a hunger strike.

“No.” (Ferratorute)

Ferratorute shook her head. However, her line of sight is drawn towards the honey.

“I have not drunk yet as I haven’t recieved permission from Master.” (Ferratorute)

She said such a shocking reason with no hesitation.

Harukara, Leica and Rosary was also drawn towards her words.

“… You may drink, Ferratorute.” (Azusa)

After given permission, she drank normally saying “It’s delicious!” and laughs.

Whether this is girl is extremely obedient or not, I feel bad.

“Ferratorute, come here for a moment.” (Azusa)

I brought Ferratorute to a vacant room.

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