Max Level Witch c102

Chapter 102: Daughter Has Recovered, Mama Will Do Her Best

Beelzebub pulled Farufa onto the stage.

“Mama! Farufa is back!” (Farufa)

My beloved daughter!

“Farufa! Farufa! Farufa! You have turned back to that form!” (Azusa)

I ran across and hugged my daughter tightly, as though performing a rugby try.

I could feel Farufa’s warmth. Of course, her texture has completely changed.

“Un~! I was able to return thanks to Busura!” (Farufa)

Beelzebub tried to put on a poker face. I see, she remained silent in order to announce at such timing…

Looking at where my family sat, Harukara and the others were waving at me. I wonder if I have been deceived. No matter how much of a cheat I am, I don’t have the ability to read people’s minds.

“I see. Harukara, I’m impressed. I’m unhappy that you didn’t tell me immediately, but since there is still some time left, I’ll forgive you.” (Azusa)

Although the audience were clueless as to what was happening, the atmosphere seems to suggest that they were glad to see everything is fine.

At the same time, voices such as “Although Azusa looks so young, her daughter is so big…” and “That’s a surprise…” can be heard from the audience.

No, I may look like I’m only 17 years old, but I can’t respond to such an idol-like request.

“Mama, do your best! Farufa will cheer you on!” (Farufa)

“Those words fuelled Mama with motivation.” (Azusa)

Now, any device that measures combat power will definitely break.

“Then watch Mama win from a safe place.” (Azusa)

I said that as I regretfully let go of Farufa.

Then I turn towards the mastermind of this whole plan.

“Beelzebu… Beelze, you’ll regret troubling me so much. I will now fight with unprecedented concentration.” (Azusa)

“That’s the way I am. It would be unfair if you were distracted by worrying for your daughter.” (Beelzebub)

I see, you said something worthy of a good rival.

Let’s start our battle. I’m not sure if this battle is fair because magic is prohibited, but it’ll definitely be a good battle.

Seeing that Farufa has left the stage, I readied myself and took a stance.

I doubt my stance is going to be useful, but I did it anyways.

Beelzebub also emitted something like bloodlust.

The referee announced the start of the match.

Let’s do it.

A pair of wings extended from Beelzebub’s back. Although they were enlarged wings of a fly, they did not seem dirty.

Although she is no longer hiding the fact that she is a demon, certainly no magic was used. It does not go against the rules.

“I’ll be able to move at full speed with my wings!” (Beelzebub)

Beelzebub comes at me with tremendous force.

Oh, immediately aiming for a direct match? Then I’ll aim for the counter!

However, having no prior martial art experience, I don’t actually know how to counter. I have no choice but to strike at the same time.

However, Beelzebub flew overhead, landing behind me.

“I cannot match your speed in front of you! So I’ll get behind you!” (Beelzebub)

“You’re telling me your strategy?!” (Azusa)

“That is not the case!” (Beelzebub)

So that’s how it is. I can only attack Beelzebub when she gets close.

Beelzebub seems to be aiming for a gap while maneuvering in the sky. Bring it on anytime!

“Damn, this is troubling…” (Azusa)

“Oh, there isn’t much of a gap?” (Beelzebub)

In fact, has my amateurish stance has decided the outcome of the match?

“There is such a small gap… Even though her stance is nonsensical, why is it so strong… Is it the effect of her status…” (Beelzebub)

Although I expected something big to happen, my expectations were betrayed!

“If I’m full of gaps, come at me!” (Azusa)

“I’ll aim for the occasional gaps. It’s hard to attack if you are wide open!” (Beelzebub)

Such a difficult opponent.

I wondered if this was the best time to attack, but since she was flying, it was a bad idea.

“If you don’t come at me, nothing will happen. Rather, tell me when you are attacking, I’ll wait till then.” (Azusa)

“…I feel like I’m being made a fool of, so I’m coming!” (Beelzebub)

Beelzebub retracted her arms and dived headfirst at me.

Is this a measure to minimize air resistance!?

I think I could break my neck did the same and crashed into the ground, but Beelzebub is not so weak as to make that mistake.

“I’ll just blow you away like this!” (Beelzebub)

On the other hand I… Waited with outstretched arms.

I’ll do my best to catch Beelzebub when she comes!

I caught her face with both hands.

“Abububu!(struggling noises) My face is sandwiched…” (Beelzebub)

“It’s worse that you came at me using your face!” (Azusa)

Zuzuzuzutsu~ (sliding/dragging Noises) My feet slid backwards towards the edge of the stage, but it has stopped halfway.

My body shook greatly, but I haven’t fainted or been blown away.

“Guh… Stop holding my face so tightly…” (Beelzebub)

Beelzebub’s face looked weird.

“We’re in the middle of a battle so I won’t listen to your requests.” (Azusa)

Wildly flapping her wings, Beelzebub tried to escape from my grip.

I continued to hold her tightly.

It became a weird match, but both of us were still very serious. I had to win!

“Puhaa~!(sigh of relief)” (Beelzebub)

Beelzebub finally managed to break free.

“I didn’t think you would defend that way… You’re too strong even though you’re an amateur…” (Beelzebub)

“It’s a good match, thanks for the praise!” (Azusa)

However, Beelzebub was now within close range.

“Now, let’s go!” (Beelzebub)

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