Max Level Witch c88

Chapter 88: Promoted from Master to Mom?

I brought Ferratorute to a vacant room.

“What happened, master? Did I do something wrong?” (Ferratorute)

“Well, you mean you cannot do anything without an order, is that so …?” (Azusa)

“Because this is a master-slave relationship. There was a time when a human knight rode a Blue Dragon to fight, but at that time,but it was a big issue if the dragon moved without orders, the dragon was to do absolutely nothing unless ordered. ” (Ferratorute)

I see……. Is this military-styled submission … ?.

“Well then, if I told you to die, you will go and commit suicide? Wouldn’t that be odd?” (Azusa)

“If you told me to drop dead, I would do so … as it is the creed of the Blue Dragon …” (Ferratorute)

I was troubled.

She had a set of values that were entirely conflicting to mine.

I placed my hands on Ferratorute’s shoulders.

“Ferratorute, you have no intention to die, do you?” (Azusa)

“Well, that’s true, but it is something I have to follow as a Blue Dragon …” (Ferratorute)

“Is it not bad to just die due to pride? You are just throwing away your own life? I know that obedience is not your only virtue.” (Azusa)

Somehow, I have to revise Ferratorute’s way of thinking to a more decent one.

“Yes, the creed of Blue Dragons is ‘the strong gets all’. In other words, the loser who has the horn touched must submit to the winner, where one’s life would be worthless….” (Azusa)

Ferratorute’s eyes were blurred as they were filled with tears. She was unable to accept my ridiculous reasoning.

“My parents have also taught me this way … those who had their horns touched must submit in order to continue living … it is the punishment for the weak…” (Ferratorute)

“Well then, it’s not entirely like a slave…” (Azusa)

“There was some ancient document that described ‘a dragon knight who uses Blue Dragon slaves’.” (Ferratorute)

Hey hey, I do not want a slave. I am already content living with my family. I do not feel that anything is lacking.

“Ferratorute, I hereby give you an order.” (Azusa)

“Yes, Master … ….” (Ferratorute)

“Do not wait for my orders, surrender to your feelings and live freely.” (Azusa)

Ferratorute did not seem to understand what was just said, and started to frown.

“But master, I would lose my raison d’être!” (Ferratorute)

“Why? My orders are absolute, right? Then, listen to my order, and live your own life. I do not like to order you about, although I will give as much advice as I can.” (Azusa)

Ferratorute stared at me with teary eyes.

Apparently, some of the things I said seemed to be able to be transmitted across to her.

“Master is really kind ….” (Ferratorute)

“If anything, you are too serious. Live more carefreely. In a sense, it is fine to emulate Harukara.” (Azusa)

“Master … may I ask for a favour?” (Ferratorute)

“I will do what I can. What is it that you are asking for?” (Azusa)

“Can you stroke my horns and head please?” (Ferratorute)

Eh? Stroking her horns again?

“Well, it is not particularly a harmful action.” (Azusa)

I hugged Ferratorute and stroked her horns and head with my right hand.

“Ah … …. Ferratorute belongs to Master … ….”

Ferratorute let out a happy voice. I wonder if this means the case is closed.

“Ferratorute has lived without showing a weakness among the Blue Dragons … … There is no one that can be depended on …. I am glad …” (Ferratorute)

That reminds me, she played the leader role in the previous surprise attack.

Just like Pecola, those in higher positions are similar to those with masochistic tendencies.

“Master, Mama, Mama …” (Ferratorute)

“Er … Mama?” (Azusa)

Certainly mothers are ultimately the most dependable ….

This is just a guess, but it probably does not count as submission if the stroking was done by the parents. Parents surely will pat the head of their child. Well, it seems that only parents and victors can stroke the horns, she was reminded of her mother.

“It’s comfortable in Mama’s arms … It is like when I was lying in a warm room …” (Ferratorute)

I have a feeling that she is reminiscing her childhood. I wonder if this is what the so-called motherhood feels like. Despite being in this motherly state, I still do not understand the subtle changes in Ferratorute’s feelings.

I wonder if it’s fine if the number of strange children raised is increased by one.

And the door of the room opened. It was Leica who came in. I put on a slightly troubled look.

She pulled away Ferratorute from her back.

“As you are troubling Azusa-sama, let us leave immediately!” (Leica)

Ferratorute was readily pulled away. However, she lost her temper as Leica did so. It seems that the childhood reminiscence had disappeared.

“Why do you get in the way? Red Dragons should not bother with any trivial matter!” (Ferratorute)

“Because you are doing strange things, you have to stop!” (Leica)

“Again, it seems we have something yet to settle! I challenge you to a duel!” (Ferratorute)

What about your promise with the demon king! Back into the state of war!?

“Stop it, both of you! It will be a big deal if you disgrace the name of the demon king!” (Azusa)

“Master, it is not a problem as dueling is not recognized as war.” (Ferratorute)

“Azusa-sama, is it fine if we make it safe?” (Leica)

I’m relieved, but what do you intend to do?

“How about who is able to better serve Master …?” (Ferratorute)

What’s that event!

“Oh, I understand … … that would be fine …” (Azusa)

Moreover, Leica also accepts!

“Master… are your shoulders stiff …?” (Ferratorute)

“Azusa-sama, let me rub your back … ….” (Leica)

“No, I am fine!” (Azusa)

I left the room. When confronted with such uncommon enthusiasm, I feel uncomfortable!

“It is a cooking match when we arrive back at the plateau house.” (Leica)

“Alright … … I will make a sweet that Master thinks is delicious!” (Ferratorute)

Also, it seems that the house is going to be noisy … ….

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