Hero’s Daughter c15

Chapter 15: God’s Gifts

The baptism ceremony is held at the local church, where a magic formation is used to identify each individuals gifts.

Since there once was a problem of privacy, the gift can only be known by the specific individual.

However, it is basic to identify gifts at three years old. Gifted children would report to their respective parents with glee.

The highest priest in the local church, will make a speech on future choices available.

In the village church, Maria is the highest priest, thus she will make the speech.

I was listening to the speech with the village children in the square in front of the church.

“With the help of this magic circle, if you are blessed by God, you would be able to recognize your individual gifts.” (Maria)

Gifts are at most only present in one out of a hundred people.

Among this small group of children, there would at most have only one gifted child. Still, this ritual is performed to expand the potential of the children, and to confirm the strength of those who are gifted.

Judging from the size of the mage circle, there is about five candidates here today.

There is only a few children this year. With this number there is little possibility that gifted children will be found.

Sure enough, there seems to be no children in the first few groups who are gifted.

And finally it’s my turn – no, it’s me and Michelle’s turn.

Maria forced a frilly dress with ribbons on me.

This is just one of the reasons why I will never mention my past as Reid.

The hem of my dress rustled as I step forward to face the mage group.

My gifts in my previous life were thread manipulation and stealth. I do not know whether these gifts are inherited, but I was good at averting my eyes.

Besides, although I can feel the flow of magic power from half a year old, it would be useless if I had no element affinity.

At the end when I entered among the magic formation, Maria starts chanting magic.

Three words appeared in my mind in response to the magic.

That is, thread manipulation, stealth and inteference magic system.

There are several magic systems in this world.

There are elemental based magic including four major attributes like Maxwell, or holy magic based on faith like Mary.

Other spiritual attribute magic includes necromancy, and the priest who killed me used demon summoning magic.

The interference magic that I had is magic that mainly manipulates matter.

It is a magic that can strengthen the power of weapons temporarily and can also strengthen armor.

Of course there are things that are merely called magic, there are things that have a terrible effect that kicks out common sense if it is extremely, but only those who have talent to exercise magic in addition to this magical qualities can reach that area.

I seem to be able to use magic better than an ordinary person, but it will be said that we need considerable training to reach that area.

Compared to my previous life, the number of gifts i had increased by one…perhaps it is the [service] that god gave?

When I looked at Michelle-chan, her eyes were sparkling.

“Did you get something, Michelle-chan?” (Nicole)

“Yeah, marksmanship!”

Without considering the risks of saying so, she blurted the name of her gift.

Come to think of it, she threw a stone accurately at the kobold in the previous encounter.

That accuracy may be due to her gift.

“Well, you should not tell your father about your gift.”

“Huh? Why?”

“The gift of Marksmanship is too strong.”

Her stone-throwing was good. Markmanship probably involves all acts of launching a projectile.

In other words, other than stone-throwing, her gift would also apply to using bows and crossbows, including castle-destroying ballistas.

It is a gift for attacking enemies from long distances. If such things are made known, the country will not let her go.

If so, she will never be able to obtain a normal childhood.

There is no doubt the country will force training, until the extent of vomiting blood.

Of course, it is not possible to hide it forever, but it would be best for her to be able to continue leading a normal life with her parents.

“I see. Then let’s keep it as a secret!” (Nicole)

“Yes, I promise!” (Michelle)

“Yeah, promise!” (Nicole)

Michelle and I made a finger promise.

Because it is something done by a three-year-old, it may not be reliable, but at least it will gain me some time.

Meanwhile, I’ll make Maria and Lyel do something to protect her.

At dinner , Maria asked me about my gifts.

I have inherited the gifts from my previous life, having three gifts, in a sense it can be said to be out of the norm.

Particularly, these two people know me in my previous life.

There is a possibility that they will know my actual identity based on a combination of the gifts of stealth and thread manipulation.

As such, I cannot tell them about these two gifts.

The problem is the gift of interference attribute magic.

This magic has many qualities, and it is common in the magic system.

Therefore, even if I tell them, it will not be too risky.

Rather, they would provide optimal education and protect me.

“Hey, Nicole … did you get any gifts?” (Lyel)

“You, I told you to stay silent!” (Maria)

Maria reproaches Lyel unusually sharply.

There is a narrow chance of getting a gift. However, being the daughter of the heroes, there is naturally a high expectation.

That’s why Maria reproached Lyel, thinking that I did not have a gift.

“Yup, interference attribute magic” (Nicole)

“Oh, that’s good, Nicole” (Lyel)

“Interference magic huh? I do not know much about it, but Maxwell is familiar with it.” (Maria)

“He is also the leader of the country of the elves, I will not go on to stay long in the northern part.” (Lyel)

“Would you rather I visit with Nicole?” (Maria)

“That magic addict? If a excellent disciple is found, you may not be able to come back.” (Lyel)

If I remember Maxwell correctly, it is entirely possible.

However, there are things that I have to say.

“Besides that, regarding Michelle-chan …” (Nicole)

“Well, what happened to her?” (Lyel)

“She got the gift of marksmanship. It’s amazing, is it not?” (Nicole)

I told them that as innocently as i could.

Her parents will definitely give in to those in power. But if these two protect her, there should be no one who would try to seperate her from her parents.

Because any of the heroes are able to match the strength of an army.

“Marksmanship …… that is amazing.” (Lyel)

“It’s a skill that can unilaterally attack from a long distance, the nobles definitely won’t stay silent if they know this.” (Maria)

“It would be cruel to seperate her from her parents at this age.” (Lyel)

“What will you do, hide it?” (Maria)

“… …. Yes, but it will be known after some time. By then, she should be able to defend for herself.” (Lyel)

“Well …” (Maria)

“Oh, Nicole also said that she wanted me to teach her swordsmanship, let’s train them together.” (Lyel)

“Well, that should be fine.” (Maria)

Maria also knows that Michelle and I are on good terms.

It would be more encouraging to train alongside friends rather than do it alone.

Thus, I began my physical training under the guidance of Lyel.

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