Hero’s Daughter c14

Chapter 14: The Results of Begging

One of the ultimate techniques I have learnt in this body, that is to face Lyel with upturned eyes.

Lyel looked down at me with a troubled expression.

“That request … I can not fulfil you” (Lyel)

“Why? Why won’t Papa listen to my request?” (Nicole)

I raised my body into a sitting position, while Lyel rests a firm palm on my head.

Its hardness is also a proof of constant daily training.

“Nicole is still small, and do not have physical strength. Furthermore your body is still weak, it is difficult to learn swords in such a condition.”

It is as Lyel said, my body is weak, without sufficient stamina or strength.

Thus Lyel hesitates to teach me swordsmanship.

Needless to say, that concern is valid.

It is not possible for this body to even lift a sword. Even if I lifted it, I cannot hold it steady.

In other words, I was not even qualified to stand at the entrance to the art of swordsmanship.

“No matter what?” (Nicole)

“Well … … In any state where the body has not grown, I will not teach you. But, once you are five years old, your hands and legs may grow and you may be able to swing a sword, so until then, Nicole can exert your strength. ” (Lyel)

“Two more years … … I understand!” (Nicole)

As fast as I wanted to learn the sword, but if I rush and break my body I have neither the origin nor the result.

Just as Lyel says, I should build up my strentgh.

“Later, Mama is going to lecture you about the reckless thing that you did. She is scary when she is angry.” (Lyel)

“Mama is angry?” (Nicole)

“She already is. For sure there will be a crash of thunder and lightning to come.” (Lyel)

“Ugeh….” (Nicole)

Lyel tells me so with a frown.

Maria’s smile when she is angry gives off many chills, and of this I am familiar in my previous life.

It was when I peeped into the women’s bath with Lyel, her anger transcending another level

Incidentally, the mission failed due to the defense of Cortina’s steel wall.

That cat-eared guard … … you’ll see someday.

“I will go check on Michelle-chan’s condition now, I will be back later.” (Lyel)

“Michelle-chan?” (Nicole)

“NIcole risked her life to save that girl. Although it is no good to be unreasonable, I will praise you only for saving that girl.” (Lyel)

By the way, I have not even introduced myself to that girl.

Did you say Michelle-chan?

“Any scars…. no problem?” (Michelle)

“In no way would Maria do a bad job, leaving scars on Nicole.” (Lyel)

“Of course, Michelle-chan.” (Nicole)

“Oh, I’m fine, because Maria was there.” (Michelle)

That child is still girl for the time being. It will be sad to leave scars at this age.

If it can be cured by Maria’s healing magic, there is nothing better than this.

When I breathed a sigh of relief, the door of the room was knocked conservatively.

Maria looks in from the narrow opening.

“Oh, Nicole has already woken up.” (Maria)

“Yeah. Thanks for healing my wounds.” (Nicole)

“You are welcome. How are you doing?” (Maria)

“All okay, there is not a single painful place, none at all.” (Nicole)

I lifted both hands and showed a gut pose.

My left arm, which had been bitten, moves without problems. It is thanks to the sacred magic of Maria.

“Okay, now I can preach you without hesitation.” (Maria)

Maria said so with a bright smile. Words cannot describe it, but there is most certainly a force in the background.

I can only reply with a nod.

A few days later. Both I and Michelle-chan were recovering without any scars.

Safely we introduced each other and held hands. My first friend ever since i was reborn in this body.

But I did not get to play with her.

We are already 3 years old. In other words, it was time for the ceremony of baptism.

It is a ritual for the village children. No special preparations are necessary.

Still, there was a custom of dressing up, somewhat dressing up for presentation.

“So, I think that this dress will suit Nicole.” (Maria)

“No, Maria, Nicole is not strong and I’m sick, costly costumes won’t do. So how about this China style outfit–” (Lyel)

“No, No, her chest will be seen if she raises her hands.” (Maria)

“Surely there aren’t people who care about that as they are still children?” (Lyel)

“No, I usually wear shirt and pants …” (Nicole)

“No good!” (Maria/Lyel)

Costume matching was as if done almost every day.

I think that it is stressful for kids to be unable to play, but parents’ definitely are going to continue losing control.

Even though I wanted to train my body as soon as possible, it has to be restricted.

This continued for several days, and then the time for the ceremony of baptism arrived.

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