Max Level Witch c88

Here’s the new chapter. There is nothing much to say this time round. This is the end of the demon country arc. I wish all of you readers a Happy New Year. And please donate, as I am going to need money for the new year. Proceed to Chapter ->

Max Level Witch c87

This is a new series I will be alongside Hero’s Daughter as the previous translator seems to have dropped it. I will still continue with Hero’s Daughter for the time being but this will also be given equal priority. Thank you and please donate. Proceed to Chapter ->

Hero’s Daughter c15

New chapter. Sorry i’m kinda late but I was setting up Translator Aggregator. Honestly I don’t know if i should drop this series as somebody has paid the previous translator (Ebisu) $100 to pick up this series again. I would like to hear your opinion. Please donate generously. Proceed to Chapter ->