Max Level Witch c102

I’m back, sorry for the long absence. I have finally sorted everything out in real life so I’m picking this back up again. I have come to an agreement with Kuro Kurori such that if i had to drop this series again because of other issues, Kuro Kurori will be able to pick up where…

Max Level Witch c93

The promised chapter is here, will try to release one more tomorrow. It’s the start of the new arc. After these two chapters, I’ll be slowing down my translation pace as my studies are starting. I will at least post one chapter each month, and if i can make it, maybe two. Enjoy the chapter….


I deeply apologize that I have not posted any chapters for the past 3 weeks without prior notice as my great-grandmother just passed away recently and I was unable to complete anything. I have just added legal pages today and I promise there will be a chapter by the end of this week. Truly sorry…

Max Level Witch c92

Here is the chapter for this week. Sorry that this was a little late. At this rate, I’ll catch up with the LN within a few months. Thank you for all your support and enjoy the chapter. Proceed to Chapter ->

Max Level Witch c91

First post after the lunar new year, and also first post on the new website. Sorry for all the complications in the past few weeks, but what needs to be done, need to be done. Well, enjoy this new chapter. Proceed to Chapter ->

Max Level Witch c90

Here is the new chapter. I am deeply sorry for not posting a chapter last week. In compensation, I will try to post the next chapter tomorrow. I will also be revising the donation system. The names of the characters in the LN will be added to the character introduction previously for better clarity, but…

Max Level Witch c89.1

I apologize for there being no chapter this week as I am very busy, having to collect results and all that. Next week I’ll have another chapter done as usual, so for now I’ll give you all this character introduction done by the author that appears after chapter 89 in the raws. Truly sorry. I…

Max Level Witch c89

Sorry I’m a bit late this time round but had to handle a few matter irl for the new years. I will be officially dropping Hero’s Daughter due to Wujigege(AH) suggestion on NU. As of now, this will the main series I am translating. I may pick up another series next month. Thank you for…

Max Level Witch c88

Here’s the new chapter. There is nothing much to say this time round. This is the end of the demon country arc. I wish all of you readers a Happy New Year. And please donate, as I am going to need money for the new year. Proceed to Chapter ->

Max Level Witch c87

This is a new series I will be alongside Hero’s Daughter as the previous translator seems to have dropped it. I will still continue with Hero’s Daughter for the time being but this will also be given equal priority. Thank you and please donate. Proceed to Chapter ->